Market Recognition: Vanta Capital. The Confidence You Need

Vanta Capital represented by Business Development Mr Jet Foong and Digital Marketing Ms Cadie Chua

On the 26th June 2022, Vanta Capital team was invited to the 19th Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Nobel Records and the Asia Pacific Book of the Top Recognition Award Dinner. More than 1,000 business elites attended the award dinner.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Asia Pacific TOP Excellence Brand Committee for the Emerging Enterprise award presented to Vanta Capital. This award recognizes the impact Vanta Capital has on the field of SME Loan and Financing.

“My team and I are very proud, to be recognized and celebrated alongside many other business elites.”

Vanta business development, jet foong

Vanta Capital was established in the year 2020 during MCO period. It has been two years and we are proud to be seen by the market. To be listed in the Asia Pacific Book of the Top, we are recognized by the market, which greatly improve confidence from our new customers. Vanta Capital will continue to be The Confidence You Need.

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