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Business Loans and Facilities

Business Loans And Facilities

The crucial part in managing business finance is in the planning. A tailor-made plan starts with the right and thorough business finance assessment. Our Consultants conduct professional checking and analysis as the basis of our services.

We provide a wide range of facilities to tackle businesses’ financial needs at different stages of operations. Most importantly, these business loans and facilities are advised according to the result of our assessments. Our experienced Consultants work to avoid adverse remarks among bank networks, ultimately to ensure a smooth sailing journey in your upcoming business strategies.  

Business Loans and Facilities available for applications:

Working Capital Financing

Working capital is your business operating liquidity. Get Working Capital Financing to ensure smooth operations or to upscale your business.

Project Financing

For businesses dealing with projects, you can get Project Financing to obtain additional cash flow through pledging the project's assets, rights and interests.

Bridging Financing

Bridging Financing is a targeted business finance facility for companies to cover costs or to fund a project, before payments are expected. Typically taken up by real estate developers.

Invoice Financing

Invoice Financing is done through making businesses’ invoices with credit terms collateral. Businesses may increase cash flow through pledging their customers’ invoices.

Unsecured Financing

Also known as Clean Loans, SME owners’ best and number one choice to increase business cash flow. No collateral is required.

Secured Financing

Also known as Collateral Loans, collaterals such as assets, machinery and real estates are required. Caveat may or may not be applied.