Impostor Alert: Unknown Persons Impersonating Vanta Capital Sdn Bhd Employees Using Forged Business Cards


14th December 2022

Imposter Alert: Unknown Persons Impersonating Vanta Capital Sdn Bhd Employees Using Forged Business Cards.

                   Please be aware that we have recently learned of the incidents involving individuals and/or organizations misrepresenting themselves and/or impersonating as Vanta Capital Sdn Bhd employees by using forged business cards. They aim to deceive the public into paying upfront payments, believing it is part of the modus operandi of consulting with Vanta Capital Sdn Bhd.

The public is advised to be cautious, as individuals and/or organizations that use the fake business cards attached here in this page, do not work for Vanta Capital Sdn Bhd.

Please take note that Vanta Capital Sdn Bhd does not require any upfront payments from clients. Vanta Capital Sdn Bhd offers FREE consultation services, which include office visits, giving financial advice, and conducting credit profile searches (CTOS/CCRIS) for clients before they get any financial facilities with the company.

Imposter James Tan

If you are unsure whether the person who reached out to you is legitimate, you are welcome to contact Vanta Capital Sdn Bhd via WhatsApp message at 011-5276 2222 and/or Facebook message at for verification purposes.

The company is not responsible for any losses or damages incurred as a result of you being deceived by impostors and the information not being verified by the Company for any reason.

Thank you and please stay vigilant.


Vanta Capital Management