Running a Construction Business? Here’s HOW & WHY You Get Financing!

Construction Payment Chain and Financial Risk

Let’s dive into a scenario when a Real Estate Developer decides to commence a project! The developer purchased a piece of land and started a development project, Happy Residence. The developer then hires a Main Contractor to build Happy Residence. In most cases, the Main Contractor does not oversee every little part of the construction. Instead, a few subcontractors are delegated to complete each part of the construction, from earthwork, piling, framing, roof, plumber, and so forth.

Construction Payment Chain
Cash Buyer, End Financing Providers
Real Estate Developer
Main Contractor
Tier 1 Subcontractor
Tier 2 Subcontractor
Tier 3 Subcontractor
Table B2. Construction Payment Chain (Ref: )

A payment chain describes how funds for development flow from Real Estate Developer, to Main Contractor and followed by subcontractors in different tiers.

Payment Chain Indicates Non-direct Payment to Service Providers

In the Construction line, the source of funds comes from top single source to bottom, where all the actual service providers are. For example, when Tier 1 Subcontractor finishes his work, he redeems payment from the Main Contractor. The Main Contractor is only able to pay the Subcontractors when the Developer releases funds. 

This scenario is seen as high risk from the perspective of a financial institution, including commercial banks. Consequently, Subcontractors are not preferable as bank loan clients. 

Resources are Available to Those Who are Determined to Find Them

Commercial banks are the most common sources of business financing, from term loan to tradeline facilities. Although subcontractors may not be preferable bank clients, there are other sources of business financing, as well as different types of financing facilities in the market. In the following table, we listed the types of financing facilities available to different types of construction companies.

Types of Construction CompaniesPotential Financing Facilities
Real Estate DevelopersBridging Loan
General or Main ContractorWorking Capital Financing, Purchase Financing, Invoice Financing, Term Loans
Earthwork ContractorEquipment Financing
SubcontractorEquipment Financing, Purchase Financing, Invoice Financing
Building Material SupplierWorking Capital Financing, Purchase Financing, Invoice Financing
ID and Renovation ContractorsWorking Capital Financing, Purchase Financing, Invoice Financing, Term Loans
Table B3. Types of Construction Companies and Financing Facilities for Consideration.

SME Loans are for Established Businesses

It is crucial to understand that most financial institutions only consider giving out loans to established businesses. In a business lifecycle, startup companies are generally non-targeted. SME or business loans are approved on the basis that the company is trusted to be able to pay back what was loaned. Generally, financial institutions justify the ability to repay through business finance documents, especially Auditor Report, Management Accounts and Company Bank Statements.

In a nutshell, SME loans are for businesses with proven track records. They are usually businesses running for more than 3 years, with steady business transactions.

Business Financing is Critical to a Business’s Liquidity and Growth

To say the least, all businesses need to seek financing as it’s highly disadvantageous to run a business with cash. Apart from removing a company’s cash reserves, it also limits a company’s potential to grow. Seeking financing helps businesses maintain or improve liquidity. 

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